About Us


Who we are.

The entire team at Polar Projection are huge fans of big screens and our company was founded around the goal to share our joy with you. The new generation of portable projectors can produce beautiful images and our feature products that are easy and fun to use at a lower price point.


The Company.

Polar Projection is a sole distributor of video consumer products of sleek design and tested high quality and reliability at competitive prices. Our company was born out the need to assist home users pick video projectors in an immense array of genetic brands that are sold online. Our feature products offer some of the best value in the industry. 


The Market.

Currently, the market of video projectors is full of genetic brands that promote their products online with attractive images, numbers and features. Unfortunately, a reality in our online world, the only certain feature is the advertised price. Consumers end up analyzing a pool of good versus poor and bias reviews to make up their mind. By going over many product reviews one quickly can identify many unsatisfied clients that purchased a unit only to realize it does not perform as promised or expected, ruining the entire show experience. Not bright enough, inaccurate and loose focus controls, device is too big and difficult to position and mount, noisy and annoying cooling fans, poor sound, etc., all are examples of real peoples frustrating reviews. The end result could be having to return a useless product and starting the process again.


The challenge.

Why watch the best movies ever produced in a normal TV? Why not try an 80 or 100 in screen in your bedroom? or while camping? A Home or portable theater doesn’t have to be complicated.


Our Commitment.

To provide a product that will be enjoyed for many years.